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"Life Style Brand"

iSkill allows you to encompass your ideal version of you. Providing a sense of belonging within the iSkill community.  You can enjoy a better standard of living when find true purpose. Basketball is a great way to feel a sense of belonging.


iSkill is a way of life. Looking to get better not just on the court, but off the court Life Skills. #level #up


Feel Confident

Be Confident

Ultimately express confidence; leading to  healthy


self-esteem and positive outlook on life.

"Self Talk"

I once heard my baby @ two years old talk to her-self. Her self talk can be negative at times, or lack self - confidence.



 Humans are so dialectic. Healthy Self talk is important to develop at a young age.


How to overcome adversity when things get tough. Confidence is taught and thus learned.



iSkill brings you the opportunity to meet find new friends, grow your life skills, basketball skills, and ultimately develop high self esteem through positive self talk.  

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